[maemo-developers] Cannot install osso-rtcom-beta 1.0.1, missing evolution-data-server =

From: david.hagood at gmail.com david.hagood at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jul 18 19:08:47 EEST 2007
I finally managed to get a big enough hammer to drive the upgrade through.

It turns out that the older farsight libraries don't get automatically
removed when you attempt to install the newer libraries.

What I did was to drop to a root shell, then try

apt-get install osso-rtcom-beta

Note the missing libraries apt-get indicates (which are different than
what the application manager says), then directly download them from the
rtcom-beta repository. Then attempt to install each library via dpkg.

For each library, dpkg will complain about attempting to overwrite a file
owned by another package (the older version of the package). dpkg -r the
offending package, then install the new package.

Then once again try the apt-get install osso-rtcom-beta, and iterate until
it succeeds.

I'd suggest the next time the new libraries are built, it might be wise to
have the .deb indicate that they obsolete all previous versions of the

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