[maemo-developers] ANNOUNCEMENT: Ruby-Maemo Developer Preview Release.

From: alterego at sdf.lonestar.org alterego at sdf.lonestar.org
Date: Thu Jul 19 15:49:12 EEST 2007
  I've been working on bindings for the Ruby language to interface with Maemo.
I've made quite a lot of progress building on the Ruby-Gnome2 source tree
implementing the majority of widgets and their features.

  Currently there is _no_ documentation for the Hildon widgets I've implemented
but I've tried to stick to the Ruby-Gnome2 guidelines and naming conventions as
much as possible. I have made available a basic example application and will be
adding more in the next few days.

  Currently the files are being distributed as a .tar.gz file. The tree _has_ 
to be unpacked in the /home/user dir where it'll create bin, lib and man
directories. I'm sorry about the current state of the package but I'm new to
Maemo and fairly new to creating large ruby extensions and a complete newbie
when it comes to creating debian packages :)

  Hope you enjoy it. All feedback is welcome there are more than likely plenty
of bugs that need to be sorted out before it's ready for a major release.

You can get a tar of the package for the Nokia N800 (Maemo 3.2) from:

Examples are here:

  LibOSSO support.
  Debian packaging. ;)

  - Tom Swindell

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