[maemo-developers] Public maemo distro

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Sat Jul 21 03:29:54 EEST 2007
Hi Marius,  :)

Alright, so you want me to play evil's advocate role. Cancel? Accept!

> Change means work and there needs to be a reason for it.  What 
> I find to be usually missing is however a good justification 
> of the status quo.

The status quo works. The current process accomplishes its basic
mission. There are things to be improved but a public maemo distro is
not the only or automatic answer.

> I would like to see the crystal clear reasons why Nokia decided

Who is in a better position to know than you?

> This work is 
> mainly caused by missing the boat in the first place

If the boat was the 770 launch deadline, the boat wasn't missed. In any
case my question was how happy are the developers about the current boat
and where do they want to sail.

> a distribution is a good tool to reduce gratuitous work.

Yes, sure. I see you are concentrating in the code management, perhaps
overlooking the energy that takes to satisfy in a *public* distro human
expectations, communication, contributions. It is not difficult to have
a public distro with users and contributors unhappy because the human
side is not working. 

In fact just a few distros (from many) succeed in their mission. Failure
factors are based more on human factors and context rather than
efficiency of the code alone. Just make memory and look around.

PS: blogged about this and got another answer so far

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