[maemo-developers] Feedback for RTCom/SIP

From: Rainer Dorsch rdorsch at web.de
Date: Sun Jul 22 16:46:21 EEST 2007

many thanks for bringing SIP to the N800. I just installed osso-rtcom-beta and 
want to provide short feedback:

I am using sipgate.de as SIP provider

Calling out (from N800 perspective): works very well so far
Calling in: seems to be broken. The call is signalled, when I take it, nobody 
can hear me, I hear the opposite party. Call breaks down after around 30s. 
Might be a misconfiguration on my side though....

After the call was initiated, I could not get the dialpad any more. This is 
required for almost all phone conferences (pass code) and other kind of 
telephone services.


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