[maemo-developers] sbox2 & maemo

From: Lauri Leukkunen lle at rahina.org
Date: Thu Jul 26 11:27:21 EEST 2007
On 7/26/07, Koen Kooi <koen at dominion.kabel.utwente.nl> wrote:
> > It's
> > stupid to maintain a lame x86 port of maemo which nobody wants when all the
> > components should be pushed to debian and ubuntu and get those bigger
> > communities involved in their development.
> The big problem is that hildon depends on an old, forked version of gtk+ that nobody in
> their right mind wants on their x86 systems. The nokia people at guadec were unable to
> give me an ETA on when that will be fixed :(

As long as Nokia works in the current, essentially forked, mode,
nothing will happen. Nokia needs to look at the way it interacts with
upstream projects and change. Sure it can be painful, but hiding
behind a smoke-screen of "product program priorities" is just not
helping to solve the real issues.

> > One day we will anyway be
> > running debian/stable with a few custom components on the tablets.
> You mean switching back to OABI?

Not really =)
This needs the current armel port to mature and be accepted to debian.
Nokia pushing it and putting resources into it would seriously help, I
think. So far Nokia has done next to nothing right in the distro
maintenance area. If SB1 somehow contributed to this state of affairs
I'm really sorry
about it, SB2 is trying hard to change things around by removing an
obscure layer from between the host and the target distros, hopefully
forcing a tighter coupling of them. At least it should be possible to
build a package for both host and target distros like this:

cd my_package
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
sb2 dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

I don't know any way to make it significantly easier than that.

> > That was the aim with this whole debian thing in the first place, remember?
> Not marketing targeted at geeks?

Honestly that came later, although it has worked pretty well, no?


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