[maemo-developers] sbox2 & maemo

From: Carlos Guerreiro carlos.guerreiro at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jul 26 21:52:49 EEST 2007
> As long as Nokia works in the current, essentially forked, mode,
> nothing will happen. Nokia needs to look at the way it interacts with
> upstream projects and change. Sure it can be painful, but hiding
> behind a smoke-screen of "product program priorities" is just not
> helping to solve the real issues.
Lauri, I can see you've been away for too long and missed
some of the action ;-)
>>> One day we will anyway be
>>> running debian/stable with a few custom components on the tablets.
>> You mean switching back to OABI?
> Not really =)
> This needs the current armel port to mature and be accepted to debian.
> Nokia pushing it and putting resources into it would seriously help, I
> think. So far Nokia has done next to nothing right in the distro
Fair enough.
> maintenance area. If SB1 somehow contributed to this state of affairs
> I'm really sorry
> about it, SB2 is trying hard to change things around by removing an
> obscure layer from between the host and the target distros, hopefully
> forcing a tighter coupling of them. At least it should be possible to
I'm afraid things don't work like that. Alignment needs to
happen for its own sake. It just makes sense to simplify
and streamline our work and work shoulder to shoulder with
upstream and other distros. Forcing that alignment through
tools before it's there just means the tools don't get adopted.

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