[maemo-developers] Licensing of dummy packages / of the packaging

From: Mikhail Sobolev mss at mawhrin.net
Date: Fri Jul 27 21:06:20 EEST 2007
Hi Loic

On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 03:58:24PM +0200, Loïc Minier wrote:
>  There are some dummy / dependencies-mostly packages in the maemo
>  archive such as haf-marketing-release or maemo-af-desktop-l10n which do
>  not carry much licensing information.  The debian/copyright file is
>  along:
>     Copyright (C) 2006 Nokia Corporation
>  and pretty much nothing more.
>  Would it be possible to clarify that the packaging or the full source
>  are under the LGPL for example?
>  I don't think you *need* to explicitely declare the licensing of all
>  the packaging in all packages, but the mostly empty ones are without
>  any license, and that's a bit problematic.  Perhaps you can simply add
>  a COPYING.LGPL file and a small statement that "this package is under
>  the LGPL version foo blahblah".
Most likely those will be MIT (unless it's really incompatible with
other licenses :))

Do you see other similar packages beside haf-marketing-release and

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