[maemo-developers] ANNOUNCE: Internet Communications SoftwareUpdate for N800

From: zeeshan.ali at nokia.com zeeshan.ali at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jul 31 11:43:57 EEST 2007

>I'm not having any luck using DTMF with rtcomm's sofia-sip and 
>Is there a trick to it?

  Nope! No tricks and no portions needed. :)

>BTW, I don't think asterisk supports RFC 4733. Does sofia-sip 
>speak anything else? RFC 2833 maybe?

  There isn't any significant difference between the two. They are not
different RFCs describing different methods but rather one RFC obsoletes
the other.

> inband?

   The inband support in also there and normally that is what is being
used. We know about the reliability problem of DTMF (both in-band and
out-of-band) and we are doing our best to resolve the situation ASAP.

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