[maemo-developers] YouTube and Planet Maemo

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Sat May 5 20:46:53 EEST 2007

>with large pictures and it makes the articles quite hard to read.   
>Eliminating the goofy icon representing people talking, and 
>getting rid of the wasteful navigation column, would more than 
>double the available space for the columns on the N800, not to 
>mention a large- screen web browser.

I agree the Planet needs still some tweaking to solve some details and
work fine. Agreed also that the tablets are the default test case, a
tough one compared to the average laptop or desktop computer. Said that,
the maemo planet doesn't offer big differences in width and structure
than other planets, starting with the original Planet GNOME. 

The average Wordpress / Blogger / etc post fits in the current planet.
Examples of blog entries not fitting would be appreciated so we can
agree whether it's the Planet's fault or just an excess of the blog
author (who can do whatever she wants with her blog, true).

Offer a full width of almost 800 pixels is not a warranty of usability
either. In fact it is damn tough to read lines so wide. This is why many
sites are offering fixed width at max 800px no matter that nowadays the
screens can double that. Which is very useful for the tablets usability.

I definitely would keep the hackergotchi. Not that sure about the
navigation column, but not for the planet. It causes trouble as it is in
other parts of the website like the deep pages of documentation. But
perhaps it is just the behaviour of the navigation what needs to be

There are sites like http://ruby-lang.org that do just great with a
right column and fixed width. Perhaps what we need to do is keep the
current template and work on the details to make it look and behave much

btw you are invited to the discussion at the list where the web
decisions are taken:

Kill the vertical navigation?


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