[maemo-developers] IT OS 2007 Hacker edition

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu May 17 17:08:53 EEST 2007
Carlos Guerreiro wrote:
>> We will keep working on the IT OS 2007 Hacker edition for the 770. We
>> will go through IT OS 2006 bugs submitted in maemo’s Bugzilla, trying to
>> solve at least the most relevant and the ones already fixed in the
>> official IT OS 2007. We will release the fixes in updated images, all of
>> them unofficial and to be used at your own risk. We can’t make any
>> promise on performance levels or specific bug fixes, but hopefully you
>> will be happier than now with the results.
> Hi,
> Time to get back to work on this.
> Work on the OS 2007 / 770 hacker edition happens in the OS2007on770
> Garage project [1]

Hi Carlos,

is there any progress? Where should we discuss issues/suggestions 
related to this?

I have one question/suggestion. Since the hacker edition is unsupported 
can we as a community push some changes to hacker edition firmware 
hosted on maemo site (i.e. kernel,initfs,rootfs)? I know this is not 
possible for supported releases for many reasons but hacker edition is 
different so maybe some tweaks can be applied and we could affect what 
is there by default? Maybe there are some useful tweaks that are 
cumbersome to install for some less advanced users but good enough to be 
in the firmware by default.

As for kernel few examples are

- proper YUV420 support in framebuffer update ioctl, stock N770 kernel 
has this broken, fix is easy, would be useful for mplayer
- HW rotation support in framebuffer update ioctl
- maybe some things taken from newer N800 kernel, tearsync support would 
be nice as one example but this is currently not working for me, sadly I 
got no reply to 

As for initfs maybe bootmenu could be useful. As for rootfs maybe we 
could add some packages by default (like ogg support etc) or in future 
tweak some packages (SDL, X server).

So what is the idea, is Hacker Edition made exclusively by Nokia 
(perhaps blessed by its lawyers or something) or can this be community 
thing so such tweaks are possible?

Also I'd like to know where are you heading with next OS2007 HE release. 
Do you plan to switch to newer kernel or stick with old 2.6.16 and 
initfs? Would be nice to know if backporting things to 2.6.16 is waste 
of time or not.


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