[maemo-developers] Strange issues using python and sudo

From: Javier Palacios javier.palacios at spotigo.com
Date: Wed May 30 12:11:17 EEST 2007

I'm working in some python programs using hildon/gtk for the N800, 
latest firmware. They work fine, but if I execute them using sudo, it 
looks like the hildon things are not correctly initilized (for example, 
the size_request method of the main window returns 0,0 instead of 48,24, 
and a image widget insided gets broader).

This only happens if I use sudo. If I go through ssh and start the 
application as root, hildon works as expected.

It also happens that calling osso_initialize fails when the program is 
sudoed, although runs smoothly if there is no privilege changes.

I need root privileges because I use also pyiw to access the wifi card, 
and it fails as normal user.

Have anyone experienced something similar?

Javier Palacios

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