[maemo-developers] Questions about HildonPannableArea

From: Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Date: Tue Jun 2 21:47:24 EEST 2009

i really like the kinetic scrolling aka "HildonPannableArea" and the maemo 
weekend allowed me to test it on the real thing (which unlike to the xephir
and the beagleboard actually gives some semi-fluid kinetic behaviour).

But i have a problem with certain widgets inside the area. GtkTextAreas 
don't work well since they use the screen tap for markup. Setting them
insensitive works, but also makes them visibly insensitive (read: black 
letters on very dark ground). What's the correct way to configure
a GtkTextView to be placed inside a HildonPannableArea?

It's worse with a GtkHtml widget. It doesn't even work correctly when 
being made insensitive. The kinetic scrolling is "stuttering" and especially
the overshots aren't fluid but "jump around" instead.

Both of these work well inside a GtkScrolledWindow. Are there any instructions
how to use these with the HildonPannableArea?


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