[maemo-developers] Fremantle user interface behaviour and API

From: Cornelius Hald hald at icandy.de
Date: Thu May 14 12:02:45 EEST 2009
Hi Everyone,

I'm sitting on the train and my notebooks battery just went flat, the sockets are not working because of some electricity problems (yea Deutsche Bahn), so I don't have the API nor my code in front of me. That said please excuse wrong spelling of function names etc...

I'm having some quesions about the Fremantle UI. Hopefully someone can help and save me hours of boring try-and-error :)

Panable Area
How exactly should I use it? I replaced my ScrollableWindow with a PanableArea, the rest of the code I left  as it is in Diablo. Inside the PanableArea is a GtkTextBox. Nothing else.
Now, it renders correctly, that is it has only this small scroll indicator and not a real scroll bar. But I cannot pan. If I try to pan it always selects the text inside the text box. How is this supposed to work? How is the destinction made between selecting text and scrolling/panning the text?

Tree View
I changes the code from using gtk_tree_view_new() to hildon_gtk_tree_view_new(). I thought this would give me a finger friendly version of the tree view, but I cannot see a difference between the hildon and the gtk version. Also the different HildonUIModes have no effect for me.
What is the supposed outcome? How do I get the tree view to be finger friendly? I'm using a GtkListStore as backend and the view shows two sortable columns - if that matters.

Context Menu
How are context menues supposed to work in Fremantle? If the main menu is now finger friendly then the context menu should be too I think. How do I generate such a menu? Is there API or do I just create a GtkMenuShell with some big buttons in it?
Does this new 2-finger-tap-thing generate a normal right-mouse-click event or something else?

Changeing device orientation
I think I read that using the device in portrait mode should give the user a simple version of the application. E.g. the user can only view, but not edit content. Also the UI then should be usable with one hand. Further it was written, that the HildonAppMenu changes in portrait mode from 2x5 items to 1x10 items. How do other widgets like the tree view react to changes of the device orientation? And is there a way to test this with the current SDK?

Ok, I think that's it for now... I hope this mail doesn't contain too many stupid questions that have been answered elsewhere already.

I welcome your input. Thanks :)

Uff, this was probably the longest text I've ever written on my N810 :)

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