[maemo-developers] Testing marathon & Q&A Feedback

From: Andrea Borgia andrea at borgia.bo.it
Date: Sun Nov 1 17:22:38 EET 2009
Valerio Valerio ha scritto:

> as some know yesterday we did a Extras-testing marathon, in order to
> get more applications ready to Extras but also to test the Q&A process
> elaborated by the community. We had more than 60 testers (around 40
> all the time), but not all actively participated, was good to see some
> newcomers participating and learning more about Maemo :).

As one of those newcomers, I thank you again for the great job you did
in conducting the marathon.

I share your comments on the process, but I want to add a tiny thought:
the all-together testing style left me wondering whether everybody else
was checking the same issues over and over (lots of people checking /opt
for a package) instead of splitting tasks to cover more ground.

I guess for the future I'll adopt a few packages and keep an eye on
them, makes more sense to me, though the idea of participating in the
marathon was indeed a good motivator to start testing.

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