[maemo-developers] Source code Kernel drivers Maemo 5

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Nov 2 08:25:33 EET 2009
Hi Adrián,

ext Adrián Yanes wrote:
> Hi, I was checking the kernel's source realease with Maemo 5 (
> linux-2.6.28 ), correct me if I am wrong, but some drivers using in
> N900 aren't in this kernel's version . (Altought they ara avadaible in
> to be installed like modules using a deb package).
> It is correct or I am checking the wrong version?

The kernel sources published correspond to the Maemo 5 Final SDK.

The N900 is not in the shops yet and there is no public Maemo 5 image
available. Some testers have a pre-production unit with a pre-sales
version. We didn't make a formal release for this, and we will do it
once the N900 starts selling with the stable release.

> Thanks, Adrian.
> PS:I was checking the next sources:
> http://repository.maemo.org/pool/fremantle/free/k/kernel/kernel_2.6.28.orig.tar.gz
> http://repository.maemo.org/pool/fremantle/free/k/kernel/kernel-modules_2.6.28-20093908+0m5_armel.deb

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Devices @ Nokia

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