[maemo-developers] QA process = bug fixing disincentive?

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 2 17:03:18 EET 2009

surely the system needs to be fixed.
I have some ideas, I don't like some of the ones already proposed, and
of some of them I do like some pieces, but not others and other pieces
could be improved..

But how do we do it ?


I once stated that it's the developer that should have the last word
on whether to promote or not a package.
As Henry did with Mauku, I am doing the same for Xournal. I want it to
extras and then I will release a stupid minor bug fix.
And nothing will make me change my idea.
If there was a button "promote to Extras" I would have hit it already
and a bug fix would already be on its way to testing.

Probably there will never be a solution that makes everyone happy.
So put that button Promote to Extras there from day 0 (as soon as a
package hits Testing) and let the developer choose.
There's always time to pull an app from Extras if it behave wrong.

And, speaking of which, why don't we speak, again, about a system to
rate an application ONCE it's been installed FROM
inside App Manager so that a certain number of negative votes actually
automatically pulls the app out of Extras?

Developer in control (and happy), user in control (and happy as well).

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