[maemo-developers] optify liqbase

From: Gary Birkett liquid at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 2 17:42:32 EET 2009

i am considering how to optify liqbase and its components.
the issue I have is I don't want all the apps to need to change and do not
want 100s of symlinks and added complexity when only 1 is needed.

assuming the following packages:
*  (lots more)

everything I would need optifying could be done with a single item




(or whatever the path needs to be)

this should with 1 symlink or hardlink and will cure all liqbase /opt


however, I don't know the best place or time to put this in.

also, what would happen if a new app came out from some other party who did
/optification themselves?
(ie, they optify /usr/share/liqbase/newapp which technically already exists
in /opt/liqbase/newapp by virtue of its parent)

i thought about doing it in the libliqbase package, but don't know how it
would handle updating the .deb etc between versions in the future.
i have considered make a simple "libliqbase_optifier" package which the
library depends and which would do the necessary transfer but will hopefully
not need updating often.

thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

should I just go with the normal splash 100s of optify symlinks?

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