[maemo-developers] optify liqbase

From: Henrik Hedberg henrik.hedberg at innologies.fi
Date: Mon Nov 2 23:25:44 EET 2009
Gary Birkett wrote:

> this should with 1 symlink or hardlink and will cure all liqbase /opt 
> situations:
> /usr/share/liqbase/*

    Why do you need that symlink at all? If you put all your application 
data into /opt/liqbase (and subdirectories) and you have the control, 
then all paths can point directly to /opt/liqbase/something.

    As someone said earlier, maemo-optify is not the only solution. 
Installing directly into /opt/package and accessing that directly is 
even better. Only .desktop files, binaries (/usr/bin, probably 
symlinked) and such need to be somewhere else.

    So, use /opt/liqbase in your code, not /usr/share/liqbase.



    Henrik Hedberg  -  http://www.henrikhedberg.net/
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