[maemo-developers] Testing nonsense

From: Gary Birkett liquid at gmail.com
Date: Tue Nov 3 17:21:42 EET 2009

I totally agree, it is not part of the testing regime itself and as long as
an app is technically capable it passes the test.
the checklist has been defined here:


Maemo 5 offers stock icons covering most regular use cases, but developers
> can use the icons they prefer as long as they respect copyrights. Broken
> icons can be a major bug stopping a release to Extras *but discussions
> about beauty/ugliness of a UI are out of scope in the QA process*.

I hope the testing interface can be adjusted to explain the purpose because
I see a lot of ui/feature creep suggestion in the comments.

Whilst the specific apps may not look/feel/perform exactly as we would like
it is wrong to block access because of this.

Use outside methods, discuss patches and changes with the developer for
future versions but we need to work together to get as many stable apps into
extras as possible.

(Incidentally, in the specific example you cite, I think its a typo for the


On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Till Harbaum <lists at harbaum.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> there's another problem with the testing i am facing with gpxview: Nonsense
> ratings.
> GPXView got a "thumbs down" for needing lots of porting to match the maemo6
> gui.
> Yes, harmattan! Why the heck should a fremantle program not be forwarded to
> extras due to the fact that it will be hard to port it to qt (which is what
> that guy
> is imho trying to say)?
> I am considering to entirely ignore the test process until this
> testing/promotion thing
> has actually proven to be useful. Dealing with people that just rate
> nonsense issues is
> a) a waste of time and b) frustrating.
> My proposals:
> - Add links to the apps changelogs to the package rating page
> - Add a small text telling the people what they are supposed to test (not
> harmattan
> gui portability!!)
> - Add a link to the bug tracker, so people can file appropriate bugs which
> can then
> be processed in a useful manner
> Till
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