[maemo-developers] Testing nonsense

From: Henrik Hedberg henrik.hedberg at innologies.fi
Date: Tue Nov 3 17:32:39 EET 2009
Till Harbaum wrote:

> there's another problem with the testing i am facing with gpxview: Nonsense ratings.
> GPXView got a "thumbs down" for needing lots of porting to match the maemo6 gui.
> Yes, harmattan! Why the heck should a fremantle program not be forwarded to 
> extras due to the fact that it will be hard to port it to qt (which is what that guy
> is imho trying to say)?
> I am considering to entirely ignore the test process until this testing/promotion thing 
> has actually proven to be useful. Dealing with people that just rate nonsense issues is 
> a) a waste of time and b) frustrating. 

    In addition, testers - whether they rate nonsense issues or not - 
even get positive karma! It feels little unfair. I really would like to 
see a discussion about the responsibilities and ethics of a tester, and 
possible procedures to make sure that a tester is behaving as expected.



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