[maemo-developers] Autobuilder repository priority ?

From: Henrik Hedberg henrik.hedberg at innologies.fi
Date: Tue Nov 3 18:03:43 EET 2009
Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> But the PyMaemo team is still responsible for providing upgrades and
> fixes for these packages through the extras-devel/extras-testing
> repositories, and the user applications that use packages like
> python-dbus, when promoted, will automatically promote the
> dependencies. It *seems* to be the correct way of handling the
> promotion for packages not under user/* sections, like all PyMaemo
> components.

    Why is that?

    You do not feel scary that you cannot push, for example, a security 
fix for your components? Let's say that I am using one application 
(user/* package) that depends on python. For some reason it is not 
maintained anymore, and thus not updated. How do I get new versions of 
python libraries?

    Another thing to consider is that should _every_ application (user/* 
package) that depends on python be updated to just have a new version 
number in their dependencies when a new version of python libraries is 
released? (May be not, if they are working with the earlier version too, 
but what about those security fixes, for example.) There will be a lot 
of unnecessary megabytes to download just for that.

    For Microfeed backend (libraries and applications that are not 
visible to user directly) I decided to create one user/* package that 
depends on the latest library packages. Applications using the backend 
are encouraged to depend on that package. When a library, for example, 
is updated, there will be a new version of the user/* package that pulls 
the library package.

    How do you see that option?



    Henrik Hedberg  -  http://www.henrikhedberg.net/
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