[maemo-developers] Maemo5 on Beagleboard

From: Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Date: Wed Nov 4 22:09:15 EET 2009

Am Mittwoch 04 November 2009 schrieb Henning Heinold:
> did you download the latest driver from
> http://home.eeti.com.tw/web20/eGalaxTouchDriver/linuxDriver.htm ?
Nope, i am using the driver that is present in the kernel. 

> It comes with binary calibration and configure program called Touchkit,
> which resolve your touchscreen problems. There is one funny think to notice
> the right mouse click is emulated be holding the touchscreen for some time,
> but this is configurable to your needs via the Touchkit-program.
Did you successfully run this program on maemo5 on the beagleboard?

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