[maemo-developers] Why should it be so hard and should I even bother with Extras for fremantle?

From: tz thomas at mich.com
Date: Thu Nov 5 02:09:05 EET 2009
To extend or clarify another issue:

There are things which should be and are in other sections like python
and associated libs.  Lots of things like this and cli stuff are
building-blocks, i.e. I might want to use a maintained and tested
utility for several things and which others can use instead of copying
a routine and having it duplicated.

Karma would work for this but not for user/* - if I update something
outside of user and in something which won't be visible in application
manager, how can I get it to users without a user stub whose only
purpose is to pull in the updated library?

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 4:04 PM, tz <thomas at mich.com> wrote:
> I was hoping to spark a discussion, and I think it worked out better
> than I was expecting for a rant.
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