[maemo-developers] Simple dialogs and static multiined text in Fremantle UI

From: Till Harbaum lists at harbaum.org
Date: Thu Nov 5 15:35:32 EET 2009

one of the reason why people think that gpxview is not fremanle'ized at all
is that two widget i commonly use look ugly under fremantle:

- When having to display a text of arbitary length i use a hildontextview which
i set to non-editable. The downside: The result is black letters in white ground
which doesn't match the fremantle style at all.

Question: What is the preferred way to display a few lines of static formatted
text under fremantle? 

- I am using the gtk_message_dialog quite often for all kinds of user
notifications. The problem is that text is often truncated in an ugly way
and that the entire text is selected by default (making it appear black
on blue background. I have been told that this is due to fremantle
being unable to properly display text+icons. If i remove any icon, i
end up with a text which isn't truncated but still "selected". 

Question: What is the fremantle way of displaying simple dialog
boxes to e.g. display error messages or confirm an action?

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