[maemo-developers] Simple dialogs and static multiined text in Fremantle UI

From: Claudio Saavedra csaavedra at igalia.com
Date: Thu Nov 5 15:52:07 EET 2009
El jue, 05-11-2009 a las 14:35 +0100, Till Harbaum escribió:
> Question: What is the preferred way to display a few lines of static
> formatted text under fremantle?

GtkLabel? Depends on how much you want to format your text of course,
but you can use markup with it. I'd suggest keeping it simple. If you
want to give it a lot of formatting then you probably are on your own..

> Question: What is the fremantle way of displaying simple dialog
> boxes to e.g. display error messages or confirm an action?

hildon_note_new_conformation() for confirmation dialogs.

For errors, depending on the severity you might want to use a hildon
banner or an information note. Have a look at the UI specs, they are
published somewhere in Forum Nokia.


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