[maemo-developers] extras vs. extras-devel: how to handle new bindings and developer packages in Fremantle?

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Fri Nov 6 19:28:12 EET 2009
Anderson wrote:
> On a related issue, It seems unclear to me where to upload things like
> new Python bindings to be used by developers. So far the "auto
> promotion of dependencies" approach has worked for *existing* bindings
> (such as pygtk, python-hildon), but what about the new bindings that
> have not yet been used by any application (and thus are only in
> extras-devel)?

Python (and other apps which may have a library) developers should look in extras-devel before porting it themselves?

Arguably, developers should only have -devel in their SDK sources.list as this is what the auto-builder will compile against.

I see no need to promote developer dependencies separately, as any app relying on them will have to go through -devel anyway.



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