[maemo-developers] DBus service name

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 9 12:28:42 EET 2009
2009/11/9 David King <davidk at openismus.com>:
> On 2009-11-09 09:08, Aniello Del Sorbo <anidel at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I got it now.
>>I initialize osso with a call like:
>>osso_initialize (PACKAGE, VERSION, 0, NULL);
>>where PACKAGE is the Debian name "xournal". I think com.nokia is then
>>automatically added.
> Correct:
> http://maemo.org/api_refs/5.0/5.0-final/libosso/group__Init.html#g05d45d1e72c2cd74f665086225141431

I strongly remember this issue already in Diablo.. and 'probably' it
was me that triggered that comments there.
Oh well.. if it was me double shame on me for not remembering this
straight away :)

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