[maemo-developers] maemo-release

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Tue Nov 10 14:27:05 EET 2009
On Nov 10, 2009, at 13:17, Frantisek Dufka wrote:

> Gabriel Schulhof wrote:
>> I suppose I should've asked around some more.
> We can still have interesting discussion now :-)
> Actually I am not sure if maemo-version solves every problem
> maemo-release wanted to solve or developers need to solve to have same
> package for more SDK versions.
> maemo-version/maemo-release can solve different Build-Depends: fields
> maemo version provides also /etc/maemo_version so one can check it in
> /debian/rules when building the package and act differently (include
> different files, define different variables)
> What else is needed?

Can we change the name of the package? I know that is PITA, but you  
risk running afoul of Nokia if your package name begins with maemo,  
trademark and all that. Can you just swap it around to version-maemo?

Maybe it is just enough to keep in mind that there may be potential  
naming conflicts in the future and leave the name as it is.

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