[maemo-developers] How to get a transparent GtkWindow (fremantle)

From: Kimmo Hämäläinen kimmo.hamalainen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Nov 10 16:22:52 EET 2009
On Tue, 2009-11-10 at 14:12 +0100, ext Luca Donaggio wrote:
> Hi Kimmo,
> I'm sorry to bother you again, but the problem I'm facing is not how
> to get a transparent window, but that if I create such a window the
> HildonAppMenu of its parent HildonWindow doesn't show anymore.
> I (slightly) modified your code to exemplify my situation.

Ah, yes, I can see it.  Looks like the menu is unmapped immediately when
it is shown. It's weird, I'm not yet sure what unmaps it...  Now it
looks like hildon-desktop is not unmapping it, so it could be widget
side problem also. I'll try to find out.

BTW. this problem is not related to the transparency: opaque window does
the same.


> Thanks for your time,
> Luca Donaggio
> 2009/11/10 Kimmo Hämäläinen <kimmo.hamalainen at nokia.com>
>         Hi,
>         Sorry, took some time, I was busy with some bug fixing...  I
>         started
>         with the Home applet example and managed to whip up a small
>         example
>         (attached) that shows a transparent pop-up window.
>         -Kimmo

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