[maemo-developers] Geocoding library for Fremantle?

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Tue Nov 10 17:20:07 EET 2009
Hi all,

I'm looking for a geocoding library to run on the N900. I want to take
the location string attached to those N900 using online contacts who
provide it, and plot that on a map (Emerillon). 

Of course having to parse the message string and then do the geocoding
is rather wasteful (of CPU, network traffic and accuracy) and it would
be vastly more efficient and useful to just have a contact contain the
raw lat/lon/accuracy data, but we've got to work with what we've got.

GeoClue offers a geocoding api, but as we use liblocation rather than
GeoClue, and as I remember someone saying at the summit (in the
presentation on location stuff) that there would be an api to do
(reverse)geocoding, I was just wondering if this is indeed the case and
when we might see such a thing? Named libaddress perhaps?



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