[maemo-developers] Mails about ratings from "Downloads"

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Wed Nov 11 12:10:47 EET 2009

I'm interested in such mails (AFAIK I was possibly even the person who
requested the feature ;-)). 

I'm intersted in getting to know that somebody rated my application since
I'm intersted in improving the rating of my applications. Getting a mail
makes it possible to react on ratings (without regulary polling the web
pages which would be a pain for >10 packages) and for example contact the
author to get more information about the reason of his rating and to find
ways to change the application so that he would increase his rating. There
were several case where I was able to fix/improve the application and get a
higher rating in turn.

I would be intersted in getting more information in the mails (currently I
walk the link to get more information). So please do not remove this
feature (but possibly make it configurable per user if other people are not
interested) but enhance it!

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