[maemo-developers] Package does not end up in DIABLO extras-devel

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Wed Nov 11 21:45:31 EET 2009
On Nov 11, 2009, at 2:37 PM, Bruce Forsberg wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Till Harbaum / Lists
> <lists at harbaum.org> wrote:
>> the same happened to gpxview 0.8.13-1. I emailed Niels about
>> this but he did not yet reply.

> The Nokia folks must be having a N900 release party and not available.
> I went ahead and wrote a bugzilla report on the problem.

maemo.org isn't handled by the Nokia folks. :) Niels is on vacation  
for another few weeks. Ferenc's the one in charge in the meantime.
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