[maemo-developers] Follow up from QA meeting on IRC

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Thu Nov 12 05:06:53 EET 2009

	This email is a set of action points that were brought up during the QA meeting on IRC which Valerio suggested. I felt the meeting was quite productive, we have some more things to discuss and we have some 'actionable items' as it were.

	To begin, there is a general feeling that the QA process requires those who test apps to follow the checklist more like a checklist and less as a set of guidelines. If a user or tester has an opinion about an app, that is what the application ratings are for in the download section. The QA process is more specific.

	ITEM: Testers SHOULD closely follow checklist

	It was suggested that the promotion threshold is too high at the moment and should be reduced by half.

	ITEM: Promotion SHOULD occur at +5 karma

	Next, the interface needs some lovin', it shows a lot of info so perhaps "it could also use the hand of a designer to make sure that any useful, but possibly extranseous, information is hidden and the most important is emphasised." Perhaps sections of the interface could be 'collapsable'?

	ITEM: UX designer streamline interface

	It was felt that if a tester gives a thumbs down, they ought to leave a comment. This perhaps should be made mandatory. 

	ITEM: Testers MUST comment on thumbs down

	We roughly outlined what we imagined to be a good algorithm for testing: The tester logs in, follows the checklist, install an application via .install file, tests the app, votes and comments. Install files would be available only if one was logged in, preventing drive-by downloads of potentially buggy software.

	Developers should not be able to promote their own applications, it is assumed that they believe the app is production ready by submitting it to testing. Perhaps if there were a different button for developers, i.e. 'Demote this package', then the app can be removed from testing? If a user finds a bug, and the dev wants to take that version out of the repos, a developer can remove the app entirely.

	ITEM: Developers MUST not vote up their own apps
	ITEM: Developer interface SHOULD have the ability to 'demote' app

	It was also requested that votes can be changed. If there are made permanent, then there can be mistakes. 

	ITEM: Votes SHOULD be changeable

	When packaging a library, it should not be considered in the QA interface unless it has an application as well. A developer "should upload a pretty meta-package with an icon and a human-understandable description as to why they should install them."

	ITEM: Libraries MUST have applications or meta packages to go through Extras-testing
	Other topics to various and splendid to mention were also mentioned in the meeting, of note are two:

	Personal package repositories in garage were discussed but they idea did not get traction. At this point they are not seen as useful.

	Perhaps Daniel Wilms would be willing to incorporate a thumbs up / thumbs down icon to rate packages in the HAM-like Qt app he is reportedly writing?

	So, there you have it, please opine. :)


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