[maemo-developers] JSON libs @ Maemo

From: Henrik Hedberg henrik.hedberg at innologies.fi
Date: Fri Nov 13 12:02:36 EET 2009
Adrián Yanes wrote:

> I was checking the packages repositories and only  libjson-glib-1.0-0
> & python-simplejson is ported.

    For Fremantle, yes.

> I was porting/using the last weekend json-c in N900 ( I didn't upload
> to extras repositories yet ).

    I was maintaining json-c for Diablo and older OS versions, because 
Mauku was using the library. However, the new Microfeed backend has its 
own implementation of json parser [1], so I am not interested in json-c 




    Henrik Hedberg  -  http://www.henrikhedberg.net/

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