[maemo-developers] N900 GPS Problems

From: Sveinn Thorarinsson sveinn.thorarinsson at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 15 06:07:33 EET 2009

Wondering if other people have this problem, and if so, if it is hardware or
software related.

Most of the time, I cannot get a fix on my location using the internal GPS.

This problem occurs in different scenarios. For example, when I open the map
program that ships with the phone it sometimes can get a fix but most of the
times it cannot. I have compiled and run on the phone the sample GPS program
provided in the wikis and have the same issue there.

I seem to have better results when I am at home, maybe that's because I am
also connected to the wifi when I am there..?
Two people I know have been unable to get a fix at all since they got the

Have any of you had the same issues?
( I am hoping this does not mean the internal GPS is just a low quality
sensor and that this might be fixed with a firmware update..)

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