[maemo-developers] Flash in MicroB on N900: Hardware acceleration?

From: Thomas Waelti twaelti at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 15 22:13:49 EET 2009
Still running with 2009.41-10, I'm unsure if the flash player is hardware accelerated or not. In the context menu of Flash player, under Settings>Display (first tab from the left), there is one (selected) item called "Enable hardware acceleration". This looks good.

OTOH, I'm asking this because the perfomance of Google Streetview in my maeMaps Google Maps webapp seems relatively slow when changing views to the left and right (especially after I've seen "native" Streetview running on a HTC phone :-). In addition, flash games that are slightly advanced seem slow, too.
I'm aware that in both contexts, I have fullscreen flash. But still - the device is quite snappy in all other tasks I'm throwing at it, just flash seems a tad too slow in comparison.

Anyone with other experience / insider knowhow?


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