[maemo-developers] Mapping the N900 keyboard?

From: juha.koivisto at nokia.com juha.koivisto at nokia.com
Date: Mon Nov 16 09:45:24 EET 2009
> Sadly I don't know enough about xkbcomp to see if it's possible to make
> it load incomplete maps on top of the current configuration, just to
> update a few symbols without replicating the full configuration.

In principle yes - by using "include" in the xkb_keymap description.
See "setxkbmap -print" for a starting point.

Actually I have a keymap editor in the works (at home) which would
let you do this through a UI. Shouldn't take more
than a couple of
evenings to make an alpha release. Likely not going to be the next
couple of evenings in the calendar though.


(N900 posting, broken thread and formatting, sorry)
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