[maemo-developers] n900 recovery mode?

From: tero.kojo at nokia.com tero.kojo at nokia.com
Date: Tue Nov 17 09:01:02 EET 2009
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> Sent: 16 November, 2009 19:59
> To: Kojo Tero (Nokia-D/Helsinki)
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> Subject: RE: n900 recovery mode?
> I wasn't able to connect via ssh to the phone because my bad 
> script was intended to be executed at booting up and set up 
> the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, but I forgot to add "execute" 
> permission to that script and I rebooted the phone, and I 
> think that caused maemo not to load any service.

Ah, yes. That does cripple pretty much everything.

> I am a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara, USA, we received 
> some devices for research purposes. 

Ok, in the future feel free to bug me in case of problems. Now that you can flash the device you shouldn't have too many, but in case something comes up. And naturally this forum is an excellent place to ask for advice in case you run into something strange.

> By the way, I flashed my device and I have it back! =) Thank 
> you very much Tero

I'm not to thank really, it's the people over here at Maemo in general that can be thanked.

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