[maemo-developers] What to backup in fremantle?

From: Till Harbaum lists at harbaum.org
Date: Tue Nov 17 14:31:24 EET 2009

i have been asked to add the gpxview application data into the system backup

Now i see a fundamental problem here. All this data _is_ already stored on the internal
memory card for exactly the reason of surviving a re-flash. The problem is that the backup
is usually also stored on exactly that card (unless you explicitely ask to have it stored on the
external one).

So whenever my application data is lost (e.g. due to flashing of a new mmc image) the backups
on the internal card are also lost making any inclusion of my data into these backups rather

What is the correct way to handle this? What should go into the backup and is anything from the
internal memory card supposed to go into the backup or not?


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