[maemo-developers] Left high-and-dry by Nokia/Ovi store :(

From: Jonathan Blake code177 at gmail.com
Date: Tue Nov 17 23:00:08 EET 2009
I'm cross posting this from the TMO forums after suggestion, apologies to
anyone who has already read what I have to say.

Having faithfully paid the 50 euros to register with Ovi Publishers several
days ago, I have been happily working on my upcoming application, preparing
for the release of the new N900 store which I was assured is in the last
stages of finalization.

I have spent many years in Canada operating doing very legitimate and legal
development as a sole proprietor, as long as one pays taxes, there is no
necessity to incorporate as a company, as this is recognized as an important
element of trade (not everyone who does business can or will incorporate).

Today my Nokia Store / Ovi Publisher account was disabled and locked out,
because I am not a corporation.

Nokia does not recognize individuals or sole proprietorship as valid
business entities, and as such only corporations may publish through the Ovi
store. Needless to say, as a legitimate businessman, I feel incredibly let
down by Nokia, and the Ovi policies. These policies are going to prevent 95%
of application developers from publishing through nokia, leaving only the
choice of giving our work away for free (which is fine if you're into that),
or trying to establish an independent distribution channel which is going to
be incredibly difficult.

Nokia should ensure that they either recognise sole proprietorships as
legitimate business entities, or make it very clear - and i mean 72px font
clear, that they do not allow individuals to publish through the store.

I moved over from Apple because of their policies and increasingly
corporation-centric publishing rules. I'm really sad to say that it looks
like I made a mistake, and without a distribution channel, Nokia has left
me, and many other future application developers high and dry.

I know I'm feeling emotional, but right now I just feel like forgetting I
ever heard about the N900. This sucks
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