[maemo-developers] libprofile can not be found when compiling hildon-desktop

From: daniel wilms daniel.wilms at nokia.com
Date: Wed Nov 18 09:28:35 EET 2009

ext bocheng cheng wrote:
> when compiling hildon-desktop program .
> configure error comes out:
> No package 'profile' found
it seems that you have to install libprofile-dev in the scratchbox, like:

apt-get install libprofile-dev
> I found in the  maemo5.0 repository , but there is no package or 
> tar.gz that named
> libprofile or profiled
> Is the libprofile is close sourced ?
Yes, it is part of the nokia-binaries. A good overview about the 
packages and if they are open sourced or not you can find here:


Cheers Daniel
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