[maemo-developers] Bug#6203, rotation and OHMD

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Nov 18 18:07:49 EET 2009

ext Eugene Antimirov wrote:
>> It handles also audio policies and tries to make sure that you get
>> your phone calls when the device is heavily loaded and some other
>> minor things.
> Just to know.
> I see now this `ohmd` process in my 41-10. I did not get it, was this
> daemon improved or made worse in new firmware released lately?

Better for known (pre-installed) applications, worse for unknown
applications.  The reason for this is that unknown applications have
unknown resource usage so system policy treats them with more care.

It's a bit of a chicken and egg problem.  Changing the policy is slow
iterative work requiring lots of testing that the policy change doesn't
significantly worsen other use-cases in some situations (e.g. for things
for which there are certain certification & legal requirements).

Developers can now experiment and report/discuss things which they would
like policy to handle better (for certain classes of 3rd applications
and their use-cases). I.e. in regards to 3rd party applications, the
policies could be considered work-in-progress.

Things that could potentially be done for 3rd party applications
policy handling:

- Default policy is improved in regards to unknown processes.
   It's yet unknown whether this can be done well enough without
   sacrificing the known functionality, that's why feedback is needed
   on the behavior of 3rd party application use-cases.

- Applications themselves specify the required policy on install.
   This is extra work for apps, and requires extensive testing to
   guarantee that the policy they choose is good match for
   the application in all cases. (application doesn't leak or
   otherwise hog resources)

- Some way for user to specify per-application policy.
   I'm sure power-users would like that... :-)

	- Eero
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