[maemo-developers] Bug#6203, rotation and OHMD

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Nov 18 18:39:57 EET 2009

ext Martin Grimme wrote:
> How about another XAtom (since we already have so many on Maemo ;) )
> on the application window, saying "I rotate well and quickly." ?
> The ohmd could take care of this atom and refrain from freezing the
> app during rotation, iff it is the currently visible one.
> Of course applications could lie about their rotation capabilities,
> but that's what we have the extras-testing Q&A for.

The rotation case is a minor issue and I think it can be handled OK
for unknown applications without this kind of kludges.  Let's just
hope we can get a fix for that included to the next release.

The main issue with policy is handling of unknown processes in
general and for that more feedback is needed.

(A hint: MAFW is a known system service, so it's good to use
that for music playback...  Tracker use is a bit more problematic
because it's resource usage can fluctuate pretty much according
to content it processes and what kind of requests it gets.  And
policy daemon doesn't currently know whether foreground application
needs tracker or not.)

	- Eero

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