[maemo-developers] Maemo survey

From: Tere Vadén tere at gnu-darwin.org
Date: Thu Nov 19 14:08:29 EET 2009
Dear Maemo contributors,

The Department for information studies and interactive media at the 
University of Tampere, Finland is doing a survey on free/open source 
software (FOSS) communities. We ask the contributors of Maemo, including 
developers, bug fixers, documentation writers, testers, packagers and 
coordinators to participate in the survey. Please take a few minutes to 
answer this survey. All information will be treated anonymously.


We hope the survey will increase our understanding of the structure of 
FOSS communities and company participation in FOSS. The research is part 
of the project OSCOMM (http://tutopen.cs.tut.fi/oscomm/). Results of the 
survey will be available publicly in 2010.

For questions and comments, please contact:

Researcher Teemu Mikkonen
teemu.mikkonen at uta.fi
University of Tampere, Finland
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