[maemo-developers] Single frame capture with gstreamer

From: Fabrice Desré fabrice.desre at gmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 19 16:06:07 EET 2009
>> On the N810, I came up with :
>> gst-launch v4l2src num-buffers=1 ! video/x-raw-
>> rgb,width=640,height=480,framerate=8/1 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! jpegenc !
>> filesink location=test.jpg
> Use v4l2camsrc instead of v4l2src

 v4l2camsrc is unknown on the N810 runnning diablo. The v4l2src works 
fine eg with the simple video pipeline (v4l2src ! ffmpegcolorspace ! 
>> For the N900, I'd be grateful for any help since I don't have this
>> lovely device yet ;-)
> I guess you need gst-launch camerabin filename="foo.jpg" (Not 100%
> sure). Try gst-inspcct camerabin

 Thanks for the hint !


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