[maemo-developers] Willing to Compile Maemo source

From: ibrahim ibrahim.ali at asgatech.com
Date: Thu Nov 19 18:25:10 EET 2009

 I am trying to get the entire source code of Maemo 5 and try to compile 
it to generate a complete image out of it. But I have some questions to 
start with:

   1. where can I get the complete source code ? in other words: is the
      source code in the repository : http://maemo.gitorious.org/ THE
      COMPLETE source code (including all tools and the kernel) ? If
      not, is where can i get the missing sources (sources not in
      maemo.gitorious.org if any exist ) ??
   2. Any instructions to build the complete source code ?? Any
      Documentation ??
   3. I've heard that there are parts of Maemo closed source (made by
      nokia) that I can't download and build . Can I have a
      complete/running Maemo system without them (can compiling only the
      open source components create a running system image) ?
   4. Anyway to test my output image (If it can be built) in the
      emulator/ phone ??
   5. Any further advice/note to add ???

thanks alot in advance
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