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From: Benoît HERVIER khertan at khertan.net
Date: Thu Nov 19 19:19:08 EET 2009
"PyQt because they fear
it's abandoned, and PySide because it's just not ready for prime-time yet."

This is clearly why i'ven't yet did the switch from gtk ...

2009/11/19 Attila Csipa <maemo at csipa.in.rs>

> On Wednesday 18 November 2009 11:30:32 Matti Airas wrote:
> > you're interested in maintaining PyQt on Maemo in the future, maybe you
> > could arrange with Luciano Wolf and/or Phil Thompson (the current PyQt
> > garage project admins) to have you appointed as a new project admin?
> > Since there are no active maintainers for PyQt on Maemo, I think you
> > should feel free to update the packages in any case.
> I have written to both persons in question and had a positive response from
> Phil Thompson, still waiting for Luciano's response.
> > Having said all this, I strongly encourage Python Qt developers on Maemo
> > to use PySide instead of PyQt. We'll be generating our future Maemo 6
> > API bindings using PySide, so if you want to be able to utilize them,
> > you'll need to go with PySide in any case. In addition, having only one
> > set of Python Qt binding libraries on the device is probably greatly
> > preferable to the end user. I understand PySide is at the moment a bit
> > rough, but the situation will improve a lot by the end of the year.
> PyQt can _at least_ serve as a stopgap till then, especially since people
> can
> use the tried and true PyQt today without fearing the rough edges of
> PySide,
> and then switch if they think PySide has reached a point where it benefits
> them more. The worst case scenario is IMHO people not using *either*
> (potentially giving up on development altogether), PyQt because they fear
> it's abandoned, and PySide because it's just not ready for prime-time yet.
> As for having two bindings, well, true, but then again, end users don't
> care
> about GTK vs Qt and they'll have to have both in the future, just as they
> do
> on the (Linux) desktop.
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