[maemo-developers] Custom URL handlers not working on Fremantle

From: Cornelius Hald hald at icandy.de
Date: Thu Nov 19 21:47:56 EET 2009

has something changed in the mime/url handling between Diablo and
Fremantle? It's not working for me anymore and I cannot find
documentation about changes.

I've registered Conboy as url handler for conboy:// urls. On Diablo it
is working, but the same code and .desktop file is not working on
Fremantle anymore.

If I click on a conboy:// link in the Fremantle browser nothing happens.
There should be a DBus message, but it's not there. Somehow it
recognizes the url handler in the .desktop file, because if I delete it
or enter bugus values I get a message from the browser that conboy://
urls are not supported.

I have tried using the old[1] and the new[2] format, but without

After that I tried to change the modest.desktop file to call Conboy for
mailto urls. That worked. Then I changed it to open Modest for conboy://
urls. That did again not work.

After some more experiments I found out, that if I add
to /usr/share/applications/uri-action-defaults.list it works.

So to me it looks like there is a bug which causes all non-default urls
to be ignored.

If no one is aware of any changes that could cause this behavior, I'll
file a bug. But hopefully I'm just just missing something...


[1] http://wiki.maemo.org/URL_Handler/API_rev1
[2] http://wiki.maemo.org/URL_Handler/API_rev2

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