[maemo-developers] Packaging a bookmark?

From: Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Date: Fri Nov 20 21:56:41 EET 2009

as long as the app manager is a flat list of things i'd oppose to
this. It's already a problem to finger scroll to the list of gcompris-packages.
Having to also scroll though a list of bookmarks would make things worse.


Am Freitag 20 November 2009 schrieb Thomas Waelti:
> Hello list
> Some of you might have seen my Google Maps "webapplication" called maeMaps (http://tomch.com/maemaps.html)
> As it is a always online app anyway, I would like to distribute through Extras not an offline version, but just a bookmark to the online version.
> This would have the advantage for endusers that people can easily find it through the Application Catalog and for me as a developer greater freedom in updaating and integration with other services.
> Is that allowed and acceptable? Does it make sense in my case? What would you do in such a case?
> Best regards and a happy weekend
> -Tom
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