[maemo-developers] [clutter] Clutter 1.0 in maemo fremantle

From: Wang Baisheng baisheng.wang.cn at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 21 08:54:53 EET 2009

Any clutter 1.0 for maemo fremantle is avavilable ?


在 2009-09-05六的 13:56 +0300,Alberto Mardegan写道:
> Update:
> Alberto Mardegan wrote:
> > JiangWei Zhou wrote:
> >> you may remove the EGL_STENCIL_SIZE, 8 from the egl config list
> >> and try again.
> >> i just wonder it may cause this problem. but in our target, there is 
> >> no such problem.
> I checked the source code of clutter-0.8 in maemo, and with that 
> attribute list it worked. Then I try to remove the differences one by 
> one, to reduce them to the minimum: strangely enough, the problem is in 
> specifying EGL_{RED,GREEN,BLUE}_SIZE. Removing them from the attributes 
> array make the whole things work.
> I guess I won't submit a patch for it, as the change is maemo-specific: 
> I cannot see any reason why specifying those sizes would break the thing.
> Anyway, I'm happy to announce that I got clutter 1.0 and clutter-gtk 
> 0.10 to work fine in maemo fremantle. I'll create a project in 
> garage.maemo.org and upload the packages as soon as I've cleaned them up 
> a bit. :-)
> Thanks for your support!
>    Alberto
> -- 
> http://www.mardy.it <- geek in un lingua international!

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